Friday, February 03, 2006

***DashaunWorld Newsletter*** #4 Back To School Issue

Peace Tru Believers

"When you got the glow man you need the glow you need
to grow to glow to grow!" (c) Willie Hutch from The
Last Dragon.

Ladies and Gentlemen and lowlifes...(c)Slick Rick. I
have recently discovered that I have the Glow. Yes
that same glow Bruce Leroy discovered after the
meanest baddest mofo low down round this town Sho Nuf
gave him a purple whooping. Lately when I smile people
smile back and when I dance cats take notice *Torin
nod*. Now it's not that this wasn't hapening before,
it's just that now I feel it all. Every touch is THAT
sensitive every spin THAT intoxicating and every wink
.....u get the point.
This is my back to school Newsletter. September
signifies a new begining you can either accept it or
reject it. I accept my life as it is and love it for
being just that. This is my senior year in school and
it feels that way. I know a gang of students now and I
feel invincible. I could catch a bullet with my teeth!
My classes are a lil demanding, but I'm gonna be
alright. I know I only have to tough it out these last
two semesters and then...."when we really get to Gold
that's when u know it's on!" (c) Raekwon. There's tons
of beautiful babies all around me so that helps. To my
fellow Baruch students who get this newsletter thank
yall for enhancing my school experience. Those
salutations everyday make a difference.

*B.I.G Story to tell Moment* - the names have been
changed to protect the innocent/guilty
I go to meet a friend for her Bday get together.
Before I meet her I go get dip in the Gawsie ettire.
Head for the city and find that she's too drunk to
continue the evening with me dancing. I shrug it off
and after spending time K.I.M to the next spot
Starfoods. There on the corner of 3rd ave. and 14th I
meet two lovely women who walk up to me. The baddest
woman in the vicenity comes and asks me "do u know
where there is a nice club to go dancing?" I tell them
about Starfoods and 3 min later we are in a cab headed
to the spot. I pay for them to get in and the cab
because hell I love my life and this feels right.
*acting balleriffic like it's all terrific (RIGHT?)*
We get in the spot and start dancing. The energy is
just right both of the girls are enjoying the party. I
dance with the baddest looking woman from London for
the night. Her british accent only added to the
moment. By 3:30 after some BBD a few reggae songs and
me surprising her to me knowing how to 'Parachute' we
part and exchange info to keep in touch.
Did I say I love my life?............. because I do.
(I'm still single Joe don't get it twisted)

This past sunday I went out to prospect park to get my
dosage of house music at the Clubhouse Jamboree. It
was a beautiful event (check the pics). Live house
performances with free food. That's a sunday afternoon
right there. I got my energy up by letting the songs
played by DJ Spinna rock my soul. I can trully say I
am the happiest in life when I am dancing. Keita from
Keistar Prod. told me there will be a new Keistar
event coming in October. It's gonna be crazy so look
out for my email regarding that. I think Funk is the
theme. Think Rick James people, think James Brown!
Dashaun's Song of the Moment
Willie Hutch - The Glow (*From the movie Berry Gordy's
The Last Dragon)
"And there is still one place you have not looked and
it is there ONLY there that you shall find the
Master." (c) Bruce Leroy's Sensei.

Also I've recently acquired a copy of Cooley High on
DVD after years of waiting to catch it at 10 bucks. I
can't stop watching this movie. It's perfect. Get this
movie if u don't have it.
Back to school folks
P.S. To be a contestant in the next episode of
Dashaun's World send a reply email with ur info. Trust
me the evening well be worth it!

The pictures are in the order of...
Club House Jamboree pics 1 and 2 then Baruch College.

This Newsletter was brought to u in part by....
DJ Spinna and Keistar Prod.
King Magazine

Dashaun's Wardrobe provided by Gawsie Athletech
Happy Bday to Nahreyah and Yuki.

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