Monday, March 15, 2010

Video Game Confessions: Super Mario World

Yeah, um I never actually beat this game. *looks down at the ground* The groundbreaking pack in game for the Super Nintendo system had amazing colors and addictive game play. This was definitely one of the best platform games to ever drop. The problem for me (which isn't really a problem) is that it's a big game (or was for it's time). I start to lose interest if I die too many times, which happens often especially in a haunted house level. As a person who loves video games I should have on my resume this game completed say... 15 years ago.

This past weekend in NYC there was rain, rain and it wouldn't go away. So I retreated to the good ole SNES love of Super Mario World. I still have a long way to go.

Gamers like the one in the video below really piss me off. Why can't I be that good!?!?


  1. I would have died about 100 times trying to be cute like that.