Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dallas Penn Takes On The Nets

My homie Dallas Penn in cahoots with his crew The IC's (internets celebrities *yes there's an s at the end*) shot a short film discussing the changing landscape of downtown Brooklyn. Specifically the crew looks at the impending Nets Stadium which is to be built upon the Atlantic Yards site. This topic has been the cause of much head and heartache by many residents who view the stadium as being just plan unnecessary. I share that view and have voiced it many times on this very blog.

Today at the Brooklyn Public Library (Grand Army Plaza branch of Special Ed - "I Got It Made" fame) the film will be screened. This is an event you wont want to miss. Dallas has a way with words that will definitely leave you thinking and laughing. The screening will start at 7pm and you can take the 3 train to Grand Army Plaza if you aren't driving or on a bike.

See you all there and if you haven't already gone peep DallasPenn.com
And Internets Celebrities

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