Monday, August 24, 2009

Is Jay Z due for a dip album wise?

I remember a conversation regarding Jay-Z a few years ago (probably around Kingdom Come) with my good friend Vicky (lover of Kool-Aid). What's funny is now that I think about it the same way that Prince fans have been known to drink the purple Kool-Aid Vicky was always heavy on that Jay-Z drink. Well it seems it's Kingdom Come time once again.

Vicky told me that if you look back at Jay's career every OTHER album he takes a dip. They aren't necessarily wack albums but they fail to live up to his previous piece of work. Lets take a look.

Resonable Doubt - No doubt a banger.

In My Lifetime Vol. 1 - Ehhh he's trying to get the Bad Boy fan base and it's not his best.

Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life - 5 Million sold. He basically hit on all fronts with this one. This album was an event.

Vol. 3 The Life and Times... - Vol. 2 only...not so much. Tried hard and didn't work.

Dynasty Roc La Familia - This is more of a compilation album so I'm skipping it. Good though.

Blueprint - Some say it's his true and only classic. 5 mics in the source (or whatever). Crazy record overall.

Blueprint 2 - Post Ether Jay-Z, not a pretty sight.

The Black Album - Ahhh this was his chance to go out on top. PSA is on this album. BANGER (with a few missteps)

Kingdom Come - ...well I'm sure Dame liked this album. *smh*

American Gangster - Dope "concept" album. Has an official hit with Roc Boys. Solid record.

Which leads us to Blueprint 3. He's do for another dip and early reports are stating it should really be called Kingdom Come 2. I hope for Vicky's sake this isn't true. And I didn't think it was...til I heard Reminder.

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