Thursday, August 13, 2009

Worst. Summer. Ever.

Remember the summer? No not this summer because this one SUCKED and was nonexistent. I'm talking about summers of the past where we had more than one day of 90 degree weather. When people would go to Ft. Green every Sunday to dance their troubles away to some soulful house music. When there was no need for security at Habana Outpost in Brooklyn.

When my man Shan Boogie had a BBQ for every major holiday filled with lovely ladies, food and fun for all. When clothes had originality on the streets of NY and Summerstage was the ground zero for all things fresh. I haven't gone to ONE Summerstage performance this year and guess what, I'm fine with that. Hell besides the Giant Step show I wasn't moved to see anyone. The Soul Summit party in the park seems to have lost its thunder. The Happy Feet party seemed to constantly be on a night where either there's too much going on or work in the morning. What happened?

Pretty much the whole month of June was a wash...literally. I've only gotten a few good bike rides in. There have been days when I thought about taking a jacket with me, A JACKET! I don't live in San Diego and thus in the summer a jacket should not enter my thoughts at all. So I'm writing this summer off. With a few weeks to go I'm gonna rock out for Labor day and that's about it. Hopefully 2010 will be better.

Oh and Michael Jackson died.


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