Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jay-Z Saturday Night Live Medley

I can appreciate what Jay brings to the table when it comes to his shows. It's more about the his presence than the actual performance. The audience is immediately drawn in to him because they are watching Jay-Z. Hell I did my best Jay impression when I did Encore during the HHK Championship.

Watching him here on Saturday Night Live he still seems to be doing him. The lovely lady who joins him at the end to fill in for Alicia Keys is none other than Bridget Kelly. She's a new artist on Jay's Roc Nation label and fits in well for the performance. Her voice sounds pretty good and she's definitely easy on the eyes. I can't say as much for the vest Hov is rocking, but that's neither here nor there. Kudos to the band for doing 4 much on the 99 problems joint. Also on a side note, is that Young Guru Baseline's engineer DJing for Jay?

Enjoy the show people.

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