Monday, May 10, 2010

My Surprise Party In Tokyo

My second full day in Japan I was supposed to get dinner with my good friend Hiro, Shino and her sister Chiho (that's too many o's). Before going to Japan I decided that I would celebrate my birthday there this year. It would be like taking the Freaky Deaky Fun Fest on the road. So when I told Shino about this idea she told Hiro and he asked to receive a list of my friends in Japan so he could email them in Japanese that I was coming. I thought nothing of it at the time.

Once I actually arrived, one by one I kept hearing about another friend who would not be able to make my party. I scheduled it to be the Saturday before I was to come back to NY (a full week into the vacation). I didn't stress about it because I know people are busy and sometimes folks just can't make it out. I did get a little sad thinking about some friends not making it out but I was determined to have a good time.

As the evening came Shino, Chiho and I got dressed and ready for dinner. I was told that we would meet Hiro at our friend Ryo's lounge Ripple in the city and then go to eat. Cool. On the train ride over she told me that my friend Miwa just sent her a text that she would also not be able to make my party next week. Things just kept getting better... Once we got to Ripple, Hiro met us downstairs and pushed me to go up the stairs first. I didn't think much of it because most Japanese folks are extra polite so, not big deal right? WRONG. I get upstairs and there's a GANG of people up their and, one person as far as I knew was currently living in Arizona which freaked me out. I looked around and figured out what was going on. That's when everyone yelled SURPRISE!

I saw a bunch of my friends, some of which I was told I wouldn't see because they were too busy. I couldn't believe I was having the second surprise party ever in my life. My friend and writing partner Motoko even popped up with a cake(not inside the cake she held it). That threw me way off because Motoko was just in Japan about a month ago so there was no way I expected to see her there. She came just for my birthday party and helped plan it. I was stuck.

Hiro and Mo did a great job putting together the party. My hang out crew from my first trip to Japan 5 years ago were there and one of them is now engaged to be married. Then the music started and the food came out, as well as the presents. I'm normally not a guy for getting gifts because they make me feel awkward and on the spot. This year I got probably the most gifts ever for a birthday as an adult. Thanks to everyone for the time and thought power spent on me. I don't deserve it.

The guys from Funny-Brand put together a really dope performance piece for me. They are truly crazy. Hiro and the guys did a lil human pyramid building and at the end got me to join on top. It was awe inspiring. They are my family and I love those guys deeply. I can't wait til they come to NY so I can return the favor (no pyramids tho).

Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed a great night at Ripple with the birthday boy. Yall made 31 extra special for me. I'm still trying to get my hands on the video shot there and better pictures. Enjoy.

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