Monday, May 10, 2010

Lena Horne R.I.P

A beautiful woman from the planet of Brooklyn, Ms. Horne was a woman who was simply before her time in regards to film. However maybe the world just didn't deserve to enjoy her huge talent. Ms. Horne's singing was great but what I will most remember about her was that smile. She had one of the most amazing smiles I have ever seen.

I first saw her in action on the Cosby Show when I was a kid. I knew about her because she was pretty famous and I guess I did see her in the The Wiz before then BUT it was the Cosby show that put me on to her. That showed me that she was an icon. That single appearance gave me a glimpse into her personality and why people idolize her.

May Lena Horne be remembered and rest in peace.

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