Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Church Of Underground Hip Hop In The 90s 2.0

When we left off on in this discussion, I was reminiscing on the great selections available in college radio in NYC back in the 90s. The show being discussed was the Mr. Magic (RIP) and Mr Cee show on 91.5 FM. Now when that show finished around midnight, there was possibly the most well known show from that era. This show went through a number of iterations beginning with Uptown rapper Kurious being the host. The next version and most well known had DJ Stretch Armstrong holding it down with my man my mellow Bobbito Garcia aka Dj Cucumber Slice (slice slice...). Together they held the flag for underground hip hop on the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show aka Stretch and Bob aka 89 tech 9.

The show aired from 1am to 5am and caused many bags to appear below my eyes in high school. I can remember sitting up with my mother's old radio with my finger on the pause button. I would cautiously wait for a song to start so I could hit the pause button and get to recording. So many gems would be played on this show as well as some stinkers every now and then. Bob was also prone to playing demos which would be hit or miss.

I have to say the game got real when Lord Sear joined the show. The man previously seen in THIS video singing. With Lord Sear bringing the comedy, Bobbito setting him up and Stretch on the cuts, the die was cast and history was made. There were many classic jokes sessions to accompany the freestyle sessions. This was my favorite time to listen to the radio.

I found this blog (
thanks to Bobbito which posts old shows. Go forth and download!

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  1. Bobbito! He is soooo talented like no other! But the biggest surprise to me was him once being Doom's manager. I was told about this underground hip hop show from NYU radio station at Thursday mid-nites (?), somehow I alwasys missied it... Ima check out later. Thanks デショーンくん! またねー。