Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birth of a Nation

If you teach a woman you teach a nation. It is the woman who is the caretaker of the family by nature. We've all seen how a man can become when he is ill. Women however have the built in drive to move past illness and get things done and keep a house/family in order.

Two weeks ago I traveled with my father and brother to meet up with my extended family for a special occasion. My Grandmother was celebrating another year of life on this planet. She started her family at a very young age and from that point has maintained the position of ROCK in our family. We made the pilgrimage down to South Carolina (my father's family roots) to be with her during this special time. (And eat some Chik Fil A)

When family gets together hugs and smiles are exchanged as well as family dirt and opinion. I got to spend some long overdue time with my aunt Laurie and gain some interesting perspective on what it's like to have my father as a brother and not a parent. You see how family traits and DNA flows through us all and we share similar ways of being. My sisters joined us down in SC on the third day of my trip as well as my younger cousins. There were four generations of Simmons family under one roof that day. The children of my Grandmother presented her with a commemorative plaque representing the family lines which flow from her. She is our root. She is the person who gave me important talks when I needed them to make sure I finished college. She provided the blueprint for what it meant to be family and provide for family.

It was great to watch my loved ones play and get to know each other on our family land. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to call something your own and commune with your own people in that space. Though this particular birthday was not a "milestone", I think it's very important to savor the time we have and make family holidays. Start a tradition amongst your own if there isn't one there. Create a day for the children. Create a day for the elders. Create the day in your image, thought and energy.

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