Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Man The Myth The Maxwell is BACK!!!

(Found a Youtube version!!!!)

I went to ran into Maxwell last year around August at a Prince Vs MJ party (which was off the hook) and got to speak with him. He told me his long awaited album was really coming soon and that he was on tour. He told me I should make sure the check him out when he hit NYC. I did just that a few months later in November when he tore the house down way uptown. One of the best concerts I've ever had the pleasure of attending. With a beautiful lady on my arm (and tears in her eyes...Maxwell does it what can I say?!?) I saw this man run though his three studio album bangers along with some new material. The new material just seemed ok. They didn't resonate with me when I saw them performed. However now I have the pleasure of presenting to you all one of those records. This is the first single/video off Maxwell's new long anticipated album BLACKSummers Night entitled Pretty Wings. ENJOY!


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    OMG! you were all the way uptown too! so was i! that venue is kinda ridiculous...he had been gone so long, i forgot how big of a crush i had on him...then he came out on that stage and i nearly died...ah to spoon with Maxwell...i would be a video girl for Maxwell videos only....

  2. Anonymous1:17 PM

    the above post was by camille...something is up with this site today...

  3. I was there and the boy killed it. My girl was in tears.

    You talking about being a "Maxwell only" video girl is nuts! LOL