Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bowling with the Lovable Ole James

I have a wonderful friend named James Blagden. He's one of the luckiest guys I know. Why? Because he got married to one of the most beautiful women I know. Now James and I have been friends now for about 6 or so years. He's been to many of my birthday Freaky Deaky Fun Fests and I've shared a bday cake or two with him. So it was a no brainer when I got the email from his loving wife Alma that this year's James B celebration was a bowl-a-thon.

Shino and I were in the house after I got to discover a "grandma slice" from one of her favorite pizzerias in Park slope on Union and 4th. We met up with the crew at Melody Lanes in Brooklyn and it was on like Popcorn. All of my favorite folks were in the house from Jake to Alex (missed you Branda). We had three lanes to get busy on and wasted no time doing so. Plus there was a jukebox so you know there was some good tunes care of the crew.

Now I know that Shino is a lil competitive because when we play connect four she gets TIGHT when she looses and goes crazy when she wins. Well this was on another level when a bowling ball came in the picutre. For one, she bowled better than me. I think her first game she bowled a 130. Not bad eh? The rest of us weren't so lucky. It was cool seeing James synchronize bowl with his friends and once Roni, Hobbs and the rest of the crew fell through it was a TRUE party.

Hobbs had the only 5 minute per release bowl. You could go and make a cup of tea waiting for his ball to make contact. They brought a ringer with them too who kept a spare in his back pocket. Many people took turns, strikes were bowled gutter balls were laughed at and a good time was had by all. It was cool watching Alex make the move of the night by trying to bowl on Hobbs lane, walk past the line and launch into the air with his feet 2 feet off the ground before hitting the wood HARD! We all collapsed in laughter.

So thanks to all the good folks who are friends of James B which makes you family. We are blessed to know such a man who hails from Denver and thus... takes Brooklyn a little higher.

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  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Am I competitive?!?!?!
    I just want to have a fun ;)