Friday, April 03, 2009

Obama Fried Chicken. Where Do You Stand?

So when I first saw a picture of a chicken spot in Harlem being renamed Obama Fried Chicken I thought nothing of it. Maybe it was a joke or you know... maybe it was real. I honestly couldn't care less. Today I am on Okayplayer (my home away from home) and I read that there is more than one "Obama" restaurant AND there is one in my old neighborhood of Brownsville.

As one could imagine there are differing opinions regarding the renaming of this hood eatery. After reading the swipe posted on the Okayplayer boards it appears that my city council representative Charles Barron (who I'm a strong supporter of... though I'm still registered in Brownsville and can't vote for him because of it) is against the new name. He finds calling a fried chicken "restaurant" Obama Fried Chicken offensive as it reminds folks of some ugly stereotypes placed upon my community. While I see what he's saying, I can't stand with him on this one. Before this situation became a reality myself and many other Hood USA residents enjoyed many an unhealthy meal from Kennedy Fried Chicken, Crown Fried Chicken and Royal Fried Chicken (which this particular restaurant used to be called). I would get down on an Italian Cheeseburger(don't ask) from Kennedy Fried back in my teenage years.

A president is a president to me. Sure for the neighborhood this particular chicken spot is in they can relate to the president whose name graces this awning in Brooklyn. The owner seemed proud to have his restaurant named after the 1st African American President. I'm proud that it's in my neighborhood. I don't think it's offensive at all. This is no bullet through a monkey situation. This is a good business idea and something the people can smile about in Brownsville. Now if we can just get them to stop eating the terrible food that's cooked in there the real victory will be won (Pick up some veggies yall PLEASE). However in the mean time the Obama Snack Box will have to do.

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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    The thing is that since hes black it such a big deal. If it was Gorge Bush no one would say a dam thing