Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prince Vs. MJ Spring 09

The only party I have ever actively taken a NAP to gear up for. When you go to a Keistar event you already know the energy is gonna be on tilt. Shino and I left Brooklyn about 9:30 headed for the party of the year (so far). We ran into DJ Spinna's sister in law on the train (what luck). After having a cool conversation about their male artist crushes we get to the venue (BLVD) at 10:30 and the line was going almost to the corner. Being with one of the promoters was a beautiful thing. We walked right inside and got our coats checked with no problem.

Once inside the place was still open for newcomers to fill the dance floor. Prince's own DJ Rashida was the special guest DJ rocking with Spinna this fateful night. She was playing some cool Prince joints was we got settled. I had to warm up a little bit to get in the dancing groove. The song that set it off for me was J5's "It's Great To Be Here".

As more people covered the dance floor I got to see old friends and family. Lots of hugs were given out. The music got more intense and the ladies were in the HOUSE! Fellas if you were not in the place to be you LOST! Women of all different nationalities and hues were in the place looking beautiful. Dj Rashida was playing some serious Prince jams. At one point DJ Spinna proclaimed that Prince was gonna "Kick Michael Jackson's Ass" that night.

At the midpoint of around 1pm I noticed a shift in the crowd. A couple of bigger cats who looked like security and as I looked closer I saw why. Mr. Making the Band himself Diddy was in the place. Among he entourage as he walked through I saw Q-tip right as Janet Jackson's "Got Til It's Gone" came blaring through the speakers. Then on the end of the vip conga line was Jay Electronica. I got to tell the boy Jay that I really dig his music and he was appreciative of my... well appreciation. At that point the crowd kinda split in half. You had folks who wanted to just stare at the new found celebrities who were sharing our party space and those who wanted to just dance. I of course were amongst the latter. Until Puff not being able to contain himself in his makeshift VIP booth on the side of the dance floor jumped in the crowd and started up a cipher. He was going hard over Prince's "Let's Pretend We're Married" with a white plastic glove on and an @iamdiddy t-shirt (follow him on twitter). Two brave souls jumped in after him to get busy. I then got pushed hard from behind into the circle. I got to boogie a lil bit until Puff tapped me on my back and let me know the let somebody else get in.

Around this same time some of our friends joined us inside the party after waiting on line for an hour and a half (I told them to arrive before 11pm but...). This was not a party to miss nor show up fashionably late for. I even saw both Fab 5 Freddy and Q-tip taking footage of the party goers. Bumped into my brother's Tahliem and I-Truth in the spot and they introduced me to the man they used to dance for years ago, rapper Grand Puba. I can't wait to see the pictures the Keistar crew come up with. Well another one for the history books put together by Keita P and DJ Spinna.

See you guys at the Wonderful party next.