Tuesday, January 26, 2010

500 Something Dollars Laying Right In The Street

hmm, now lets try and get something to eat. (c) MF Doom

When I was a kid (which is how I start too many of these posts) it was a big deal finding 5 bucks in the street. It was if the world had just opened up to me and there were infinite possibilities. I could go and get a Chinese food dish (not just french fries). I could go and get an Italian Cheeseburger (Kennedy Fried Chicken Chef Specialty). I could also just sit on it and think for a long time of what to do.

I think Doom captured this feeling perfectly with his line that starts off this post. Nine times out of ten you would take the money to get something to eat. If you got a larger piece of cash in your hands (say 50 bucks) you gotta tell your mother. That's something you gotta share with the family.

Ahhh the simpler days.
Madvillian - Curls


  1. Everytime I find money...I get food. It's like food is a treat. LOl

  2. Indeed @ Steph! I found $5 by a street meat cart on Sunday. And what did I do? I went to Wendy's. Don't question my logic.

  3. *smile at the above comments*