Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Another year in the history books. A new day stepping forward into the ever-present NOW. I must say, that I am filled with possibility (and fatigue) as I wake up this New Years Day (afternoon). I look at my surroundings and realized how fortunate I truly am. It's a blessing to have people in close proximity in which you care for them and they care for you. Never hesitate to take yourself out of the space of ego and self to become fully present in the idea of we and us. For me 2009 was about shedding a lot of my ego and placing my focus on the group. None of us live here alone on this planet. The way I see it, we as human beings in a developed society are interdependent on one another. This affords us the opportunity to be more than our base instincts. To take that last piece of bread and instead of devouring it, we can take a moment to see if it needs to be split in half to feed two instead.

Let 2010 be about using what we've learned to add on the the collective. Be an asset.


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