Monday, April 05, 2010

54 People Arrested On Easter / Jesus Wept

I was out last night for a local birthday party in Bed Stuy with my lady and some friends. I noticed a large amount of youths on the Shuttle headed to Franklin Ave. Once we got off around there we walked to Nostrand Ave. and it seemed that about 50 teenagers were swarming the streets. It was like school just let out. I saw all kinds of cops paroling the area and I knew no good would come of the mix.

Fast forward to this morning I go online and see an article by the NY Joke(Post) about 54 people being arrested in the city due to an Easter Sunday rampage. Apparently a bunch of kids were running wild between 34th street and Time Square. Four people were shot and 1 woman was hit with a BB gun. The word on the street is that most of the cats involved were gang-bangers, which is quite interesting as yesterday I watched HBO's "Bastards of the Party" documentary. These gang members here really need to redirect their energy to doing something positive and productive.

Where is the focus people?

The Full Post Story
The Full NBC Story

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