Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's Wrong With Williamsburg.

Over the weekend I went to Williamsburg to work on a side project. Once that work was done, I found myself ready to head to Queensbridge via the G train. However before I would leave my beloved Brooklyn I had to eat something. I had not eaten a thing and the day was halfway done, so I decide I'll stop off and grab a hero from a corner store. Kool and the Gang right? Wrong...WRONG.

I saw two deli's along Metropolitan not far from the train station. I start to think "I'll pick one and if I don't like it I'll check the other one out." I went and peeped the first one and the layout looked fine enough. I was put off by the hipsters who stood in front of me in line, but hey I'm no jerk so I'll play nice. Then I notice the names for the "special" sandwiches in this establishment. There were names like "M.J. Forever", and a few obscure movie names... lame. Once it was my turn I asked the gentleman behind the counter how much would a hero with ovengold turkey, swizz cheese, lettuce and tomatoes would cost. The man looked at me with a straight face and said $7.50. I sharply replied no thank you, and left with a taste of disgust in my mouth.

I went across the street to the neighboring deli and got the same sandwich I previously asked for with Kettle chips and a water for $7.25. Now this is what a meal of this magnitude should cost in Brooklyn. That experience nearly ruined my day. Needless to say, I pretty much hate what Williamsburg has become. No it's not new, and no I didn't just develop these feelings this past weekend but COME ON!

I concede and now acknowledge Willy B as the Manhattan annex it wishes to be. You guys can have it, anything past Graham is dead to me.

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