Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why You Should Read PLUTO (Manga)

I am currently enthralled by a Japanese Manga (Comic) called Pluto. It's written and illustrated by one of my favorites Urasawa Naoki. Urasawa is also the author of one of my favorite anime/manga stories Monster. If you haven't seen that anime, do yourself a favor and go to I've uploaded the whole series for your viewing pleasure.

The Pluto story takes place during a specific story arc in the historic manga/anime Astro Boy. The setting is basically that of a murder mystery. In this world humans and robots co-exist and sometimes its not so smooth. Someone is killing off the most strongest/unique robots in the world. There is a very dark mood in this book which I can dig. The future overall seems pretty sterile, however that could be due to the main character being a robot. The art and story are both extremely well done. I say you should pick this one up, you wont be sorry.

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