Monday, October 05, 2009

BabyStone (Sly's Legacy In Good Hands)

Just a few days ago I was listening to California's radio station KCRW and came across a super dope band by the name of BabyStone. I started going crazy listening to their song "Halfway" as it didn't sound like anything out currently. The song was just plain sick!

Once the song finished I immediately went to a few friends for some info and got nothing. I did find on cdbaby that their is an EP out by them. The real nugget was learning that the band is comprised of none other than Sly Stone's baby girl Novena Carmel and Itai Shapira. I'm a still learning fan of Sly and the Family Stone. I think the band put together some of America's most amazing music from a very important time.

BabyStone is exactly what I'm looking for right now in music. Been feeling a lil stale with my iPhone choice of albums as of late. I can't wait til I get this CD in the mail.

Enjoy the video and the song I initially heard from them is the second jam they perform.
(Oh and doesn't Novena look just like her daddy?)

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