Monday, October 12, 2009

The San Francisco Treat

Photos by Shino Yanagawa

I have a friend who always goes on and on about how great San Fran is. My only experiences with California have been with southern Cali and they at times have left me underwhelmed. However this was not the case once I touched that good San Fran soil. My first views leaving the airport were those of hills and fog with a sun on the other side begging to be enjoyed.

I haven't been taken in by a city in the way that SF took me in since Chicago. Once we got settled next stop was downtown to see the people and do some walking around. The bus ride out there is very rough I must say. The MUNI line is filled with buses which seems to only stop using hard breaks and make turns requiring you to hold on for dear life. There was a large number of Chinese women on the bus with us almost all the time. One even mentioned to Shino that I was cute (HOV!). Fortunately none of our rides were like this.

In town for 5 days we made sure to hit the ground running. We made a journey down to Fisherman's Warf which is very much a tourist attraction but fun nonetheless. I found an In and Out burger down there and was very tempted to get a grilled cheese animal style. However that will have to wait for next time.

During the trip I discovered the super dope neighborhood of Mission with its many restaurants and beautiful people. On the train ride over there we met a gentleman who helped us with directions. He told us where to get off to maximize our time. We ate at a restaurant with the largest stack of fresh blueberry pancakes I ever had...MAN! The food was official tissue. Shino had some crazy fish tacos. The service was very nice here as well as the prices. After grubbing we walked up and down many hills to burn off the calories looking at the many striking homes lining the streets. Then we crossed over into Castro...

Pt 2 coming up (c) Old Dirty.

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