Thursday, October 22, 2009

MP3 Players AKA The Battery Man Killer

Once upon a time in a land called New York people used portable CD players. Before those CD players came into play a little thing called a Walkman was the tool of choice for your resident music lover. During my days of walking the streets in the 90s I would run through many a Duracell rewinding those college radio show jams plus using the great invention of auto-reverse. I remember discovering that there was a man on Utica Ave. selling 2 AA Duracell batteries for 1 dollar. In a local store they were going for at least $2.25. This was a blessing for a teenager without much money in his pockets.

Fast forward to today as I'm riding the B train into the city for the days work to begin. I see a man walk through the car holding several loose packages of double A Duracell batteries. I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean I haven't seen a cat selling $1 batteries outside since MP3 players came into play. The rechargeable battery player rendered their services mute honestly. Others look at this man with looks of bewilderment looking to figure out what he was actually doing in this day and age trying to sell this particular product. It was all explained when he began to announce to my train car that we were on a Uptown bound B train headed to 145. He further explained what our next stop would be and that there was a D train directly behind this B. How he knew about a closely following D is beyond me but I digress.

I support that man in his endeavors to make an honest living, however I didn't purchase any batteries, I just don't need them now. Instead I skipped to a Black Spade song on my iPhone that I charged last night...

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