Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Does Your Child Have A Cellphone?

If so why? When I grew up the cellphone was a mark of luxury. It was something I saw on television and was always a big deal. The rich kids in the suburbs would use their cellphones to talk to friends. I never thought I would actually hold one in my hands. Then high school came in the mid 90s and cell phones became more accessible. I remember taking a Regents exam in my senior year of high school. One student got a call on his phone and walked into the hall to answer it. It was the ultimate sign of cool. Fast forward to today and everyone and their child has a cellphone.

The world is a very different place but the more things change the more they stay the same. It's interesting to talk to people and hear about how all of these school children have phones. A personal phone! Why? You need to get in touch with a 12 year old while they are at school? CALL THE SCHOOL!

I don't see why any child who is not a teenager should have a cell phone I'm sorry. If I was a parent (which I'm not) and I wanted to give my child a phone they would get the cheapest no frills phone. Minutes only and you can only call ME. No texting allowed on the plan, no web pics, NOTHING. Just "I need you to pick me up." and that's it.
These kids are getting spoiled AND they are learning NOTHING. When I was a kid we would find ways to not pay attention in school. We had no cellphones and we would draw or do something to stray from the lesson. I can only imagine with cellphone games and texting how much actual learning takes place. In my opinion we need to help our teachers and students to get the most out of their time in school. So I ask you, does your child have a cellphone? If so why? And if you don't have a child what's your position on this issue?

Speak Out! (c) Martin Payne

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