Friday, October 16, 2009

The San Francisco Treat Pt. 2

Photo's by Shino Yanagawa

There's a little stretch of land in San Fran called Castro. In my opinion this is the big brother of Chelsea. It's kind of like Chelsea times 10. As Shino and I walked over to this colorful neighborhood from Mission we noticed a number of rainbow flags in many restaurants and other well designed establishments. Once we hit the main strip of Castro we noticed we were the only man and woman couple to be seen for blocks. If you are the kind of person to get offended by walking down 8th Ave in the 20s, don't even think about setting foot in Castro. The innuendo is ALL OVER the place. I loved it. I found a really dope comic book store in the area and a Levis store unlike any other. Shino and I wound up having a conversation with a fellow breeder about the area and where to hit next on our walking tour. After looking at the Castro theater (which is super dope with the films they show) we took off towards Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks is the main hill you will see while traveling through the city of San Fran which is home to a large fork shaped antenna. What's so great about Twin Peaks is the fact that people actually live on the hill in a number of beautiful homes. The streets can get pretty steep so at night it can get rather cold and depending on the season foggy. The views however are gorgeous. You can see the whole city from their and it's very picturesque. I highly recommend it.

Check in for Pt. 3 (The Conclusion) coming soon.

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  1. Looks like a fabulous time. Great photos, esp. the "I have two daddies" one. So SF! Your blog makes me feel nostalgic for my hometown. Hope you got to check out Oaktown and Berkeley as well. Cheers to you and the Bay!