Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Derrion Albert, When Will It Stop

"Are we gonna live together?" (c) Senior Love Daddy

I just watched a video that made me sick to my stomach. I've often professed my love for all things Chicago but this my friends is one thing I can't condone AT ALL. There is no excuse. Such senseless violence being perpetrated by our young people. It makes me sad and angry. What's not so funny is I remember driving along an avenue similar to the scene of the crime. That fateful day there was another fight going on among some teenagers. The look of it was way more tame than what you will see when you watch the video (if you can).

I think of the culture of violence encouraged by our neighborhoods and by our country on a larger scale. This particular incident was a byproduct of the gang culture which has been present in Chicago since before I was born. Derrion Albert was reportedly NOT a gang member. He was actually an honor student in the wrong place at the wrong time trying to do the right thing. There has to be community outrage regarding this incident. A 16 year old is beaten to death by a mad group of his own peers. There is no outside force to blame here. There no need for blame, but there is a need for action.

Lets not wait until Derrion become James from the second floor in your building. I think this is a case of teenagers who have clearly insulated themselves in their own little world where this behavior is ok. Build a relationship with the young people on your block. It may save a life.

"Together are we gonna live?" (c) Senior Love Daddy

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