Tuesday, September 01, 2009

To buy a buy or not a slim PS3...

...that is the question.

I love video games. Mostly old games but video games nonetheless. Just the other day I was playing Galaga on my computer (the arcade version not NES). I'm a fan of old school gaming, however there's Street Fighter 4. I first played this game when I was in Japan earlier this year and fell in love. Before that game I had no inclination to purchase a next generation system, and that alone was not enough to have me throw down 300 or 400 bucks on a system. I mean lets face it, I'm hardly ever home and when I am I might play Super Mario World for all of two boards before I'm off doing something else. So sticking to free games on my computer seems to be for the best right?

Then comes the PS3 Slim.

Sony decides that yes you too (Dashaun) can watch Blu Ray DVDs and play Street Fighter 4 (online even) for 300 bucks. The new PS3 Slim also has 120 GB hard drive and wireless controllers. Also the new design is very slick. I was never a fan of the "Fatty Girl" version of the PS3 anyway. The original version at it's cheapest had 80 Gigs so I would also get a Hard drive size increase. My original plan was to just get a cheap (read free) PC to play some arcade fighters using an arcade stick and roll with that. However I'm getting a little tired of waiting on that PC.

So tell me, do I give in? Start getting Blu Ray DVDs? Cop that Street Fighter 4 and start going to town online? What say you?


  1. Buy Baby, Buy!!

  2. Get one for the home life you will soon have.