Monday, September 21, 2009

Remember When Gov. Patterson Was Liked? Me Either

Ok well that's not entirely true. When he took office initially I was hype. Here we have a blind Blackman living uptown in Harlem taking over the highest office in the state. You gotta love that right? ...Right? Well then the coke thing came out and I thought cool he's clearing his table to do the work. Then the relationship scandal dropped and I thought ok but now get to work. Then there was the... well you get the point. A LOT of time has passed now and I'm still waiting for him to get to work.

Apparently I'm not the only one as word has come down from President Obama's administration that the Gov. should not look to run in the next NY election. His poll numbers are in the dumps and have been for quite some time. The Governor in his steady pattern is still looking to run despite word from Capital Hill. *smh*

I had some high hopes for Mr. Patterson. He still lives in Harlem and is running the state. Maybe before he leaves office he can make sure the drummers in the Mt. Morris Park don't get edged out by the "new Harlemites". At least he pardoned Slick Rick.

Well here's further discussion of the tension between
The Gov. and The Pres.

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