Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hands Off My Brooklyn Neighborhoods!

Recently I was in the market for a new apartment in Brooklyn. I'm finally taking the big step out of East New York (where the manic depressive psycho murderers stalk). As I looked through the different craigslist postings and real estate websites I got very upset.

First of all lets get something straight, I've been living in Brooklyn all 30 years of my life. I've spent time in Flatbush, Crown Heights, Bed Stuy, you name it I've walked there. These real estate maps are trying to tell me that Flatbush doesn't start until after Church Ave. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Also the area known as Lefferts Gardens is within Flatbush just for your information. Flatbush starts at Empire Blvd. Prospect Heights while it's a neighborhood now was only a high school when I grew up. There was no such neighborhood to my knowledge. Clinton Hill...only within Clinton and Washington on THAT HILL going between Fulton and about Myrtle. Now I got people telling me that Franklin and Dekalb is Clinton Hill, WRONG it's Bed Stuy.

I know there are still some Brooklynites out there who know the deal. Don't let these outsiders come and tell you what your neighborhood is. Reclaim the streets and buy property. Lets dictate how we live and who we live with. If you don't yours could be the next Williamsburg (unless you're into that sort of thing *smh*).

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