Monday, May 18, 2009

Brooklyn is so Wonderful

This year even more so when Keistar Prod. decided to move their beloved Wonderful party to my home. The day was plagued with uncertain feelings of possible rain and humidity that just made you feel sticky. On my way to the designated place for the designated time (c) Shonuf I ran into my homie Herbie picked up my homegirl Harue on Flatbush and walked down. It felt good being able to party in my own borough with great people. The line was redic stretching from corner to corner (literally going from the middle of Waverly Pl around the corner down Fulton). I was fortunate to have the loveable Old James and Alma already on line for me. Once we got inside (after an hour and a half wait) the vibe was sick. The space was large enough to hold 2000 people and we kept it crazy in there.

For those of you who have never been to Wonderful it's a party played by DJ Cucumber Slice (Bobbito) & DJ Spinna. They spin all Stevie Wonder music which includes originals, covers, and songs inspired by Stevie. People from all over come out to dance to the sounds of Wonder. From Another Star to For Once In My Life everything is touched on (even Part Time Lover much to my chagrin). We danced the night away and ladies this is not a party for heels (ask Shino). Early on there was a Soul Train line started and as soon as I told Spinna he let Bob know and BOOM they were out from behind the turntables dancing down the line. Greatness people, pure greatness.

There were two floors, the bar ran out of water, the floor began to sweat with so much heat and none of that stopped Savior from dancing hard and doing floor work. If you missed it you missed it but if you were there...

The following pics were taking by a few folks. We had such a good time the camera passed through some hands. It was good partying with Lorraine, Hilda, Roni, James and Alma , Tall James and Baruch James all the same place.

See you next year.

Party People in the place to be

John rockin out!

Tah and Dancing Savior making a statement

Good Times w/ James & Jordan

Zawadi doing his best to hold a note

Rasu and nice.

Big Brian

The Lovable old James and Alma

Spinna and Bob Soul Train Style

The man the myth the legend

We had fun

So did Toru and Harue

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