Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What do you know about Getting Lite / Jerkin?

Now that I'm 30 (which is not old!) I find it interesting to see what teenagers do amongst themselves on a regular basis. When I was in high school the internet was just becoming mainstream. Windows was still in it's 3.0 stage and was literally making usage of "windows". Compuserve was an actual contender in the ISP game. Well times change and now there's cable modems, youtube and world wide messageboards. Teens of this day and age can communicate with one another with one click across the world. I had to rely on rap music to learn about what my peers were into across the country. It was through Twista that I learned about people in the Chi loving Pelle Pelle jackets. It was through Gangsta Rap that I learned about LA gang culture and California slang. Now these kids can go on Youtube and see what their peers are into right as the movements begin. There is no lag, nor any filter really to stop it. 

In my search to see what's going on these days I learned of two forms of dance. One is kinda old in NYC but it's called "getting lite". I liked this from the first time I saw it just because the kids really look like they are having fun and coming together for that one purpose. What's so dope to me about getting lite is you don't even need music. There's a hand clap sequence that can be done by the kids on the set for the dance to be done. Here is an example of some kids getting lite in NYC. (I can't vouch for the skinny jeans though.) 

*I apologize for any extra language in the video below, kids will be kids I guess.*

Now on the west coast there's a similar yet completely different dance being done by the teenagers called "Jerkin". Like the "Get Lite" scene there are crews which roll together and dance together. This youtube generation have found a way to use the internet and their peers to create stars on their own without tv or radio. Jerkin actually does have music that goes along with the dancing. This music is original and sounds similar to early 80s hip hop with an electronic feel added. Peep this video of one of the most famous Jerkin crews out, the Go Go Power Rangers.

 I like both of these forms of expression for the kids and as long as they are dancing and not fighting I'm with it.  (Again I can't rock with the skinny jeans affair.)

*Please note there is some language in this video (and jerkin music) that I wouldn't use but the kids do, view with caution.*


  1. slliMMIlls8:22 PM

    WOW!!! I need that...I need that to stop!!! ASAP!!!

  2. Anonymous8:16 PM

    lolz.. us teenagers... But Thanx for this though it was very helpful... i didnt know about "jerkin"...

  3. These youngsters.


    I'm from L.A. and trust me this "jerkin" thing is more than a dance.

    They have turned it into a whole lifestyle.

    Slang, clothes, music, parties, etc.

  4. Anonymous10:42 PM

    i think its a positive thng bringin fun back into rap/hip hop where its cool again to dance instead of being to cool to dance im 31 and im still doin my thing in the 80's pop lockin and breakin its all coming back but in a different form