Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The C is FREEEE!

So in case you haven't been keeping up Popeyes had a big sale on chicken and the world went crazy for a day. Now KFC is getting in on the action, but they got some help. The last time this woman made a push a Black man became President of the United States. Oprah is pushing the grilled chicken for KFC and providing a coupon for the people to get a free 2 piece (not the kind you get in Brownsville for not minding ya business either). I had to go and check it out and make sure if was official tissue before letting yall know.

Well it is. I waited on line at the Herald's Sq. location for my two piece (manager's choice on which pieces) w/ two sides and a biscuit. While waiting I saw one woman get pretty upset with her server regarding missing sides. She told this woman over and over "BUT I WAS GONNA PAY FOR THE EXTRA SIDES ON THE SIDE!" Really is it that serious people? A dynamic duo got in line behind me scheming out loud on which line would be best to acquire their chicken meal of the day. "You betta not move and lose our place! People want they chicken boy!"

Is this what I'd been missing by not going to KFC in about 5 years. Once the duo got up to their server and the orders were placed I realized that they didn't even have the coupon I did. They were just SERIOUS about their chicken! "Put some jelly and syrup in there please! Bag us up, we out!"

I could hardly contain my laughter. But I did long enough to get my free two piece, take it back to the office and dig in. The cold slaw was the best part of the meal. Grilled or no grilled it's still greasy and I say avoid. However if you are a KFC fan, here's the coupon link for you.


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