Friday, May 29, 2009

Even Black Cops Aren't Safe From Cops

I woke up this morning and started my normal routine. Hop in the shower to get refreshed. Get my clothes and things together and load up twitter on my phone. On the train ride in I read an update which says Black Cop killed by white officer in Harlem. Immediately I'm filled with anger and resentment. I feel as thought I've made this post before on the MotherGreen blog.

This time an off-duty cop with gun drawn is in pursuit of a possible car thief. Another two cops in an unmarked vehicle see the chase and join in. They yell for the gun holder to stop. He does and as he turns they shoot him dead. This man was an officer of the law who happened to be Black which was his fatal mistake in my opinion.

Please show me the instances of white cops shooting white officers by mistake. "I'll wait" (c) Kat Williams. This only happens to my people and I'm SICK of hearing about training! No amount of training is going to erase generations of discrimination and hate which has festered within the NYPD. I'm starting to think people need some blood in the streets in order for these cops to wake up. We are not walking target practice nor are we all criminals. There are plenty of white criminals just the same. *smh* DAMN!

Daily News Story

I'm DONE! Now for some theme music.

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