Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eminem is back with Relapse

Detroit's own Marshall Mathers is back after a long hiatus from the mic. In the time away a few things happened. He lost his best friend Proof to a gun fight in the D. His Shady label shrivel up to include only 50 Cent for actual releases. Em also left the public with arguably his weakest album to remember him by "Encore".

So here we are in 2009 with a new Eminem album on deck. Now I'm not a person who normally downloads whole albums. I actually still purchase CDs. However when I thought about it, I've never actually purchased one Eminem album. I own the first two because I worked in the music industry at the time they were released so they were free (and DOPE as hell). After those albums I kinda lost interest. So when the internet started going crazy like Dope Boys for Jeezy records I thought "did he bring the goods?". Download I did and I'm glad I did...because it's not worth a purchase from me.

The album overall sounds like an Em album would sound after a long hiatus with issues of lost loved ones, drugs and divorce. It's kinda focused I guess (if you can call STILL talking about his moms, doing drugs, and dissing pop stars focus). As for me I'm a bit tired of it all. That said I did LOVE his flows on the album. Man can that boy ride a beat and flow for days. He can still spit, he just spits about nothing worth hearing about in my opinion. Perhaps for others that find child molestation and child abuse interesting topics then you will dig it. Now I don't think these topics should be silenced I just don't care to hear those songs again.

The funny thing is as I write this blog entry Brain Damaged comes on my Last.fm station. This is still a dope ass song. I guess it was dope because it was the first time he went there. This is the fifth time and I suppose I shouldn't be mad if I still like MOP and they've been on the same ish since around 92.

I'll give it another listen and see if it grabs me. But I'm not copping.

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