Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What A White Party!

This past Saturday I was fortunate to be invited to the birthday party of my homegirl Veronica. Now lady V has been one of my dance partners for some years now. If you attend the Keistar functions (Prince Vs. MJ, etc.) you've seen us cut a rug. Well the venue for this affair was a dope loft on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. The Dj lineup included OP, DJ Spinna, DJ Geology and Statik (sp). The whole night was just crazy with energy and music. I ran into a couple of good friends. Some of which I see often and others I don't see enough. Veronica asked for everyone to wear white (at least a top) and for the most part everyone complied.

The dancing was very serious with a couple of circles being formed. The girls in my opinion were going the hardest on the dance floor. There was some bboy battles that were really good. Of course I got my boogie on but also knew when to play spectator. I left the spot close to 5 and there were still people there. That should let you know we partied hard.

The music ranged from Soul and dance classics to afro beat and house with a little Michael Jackson mixed in. I can only pray to hear such a dope lineup of DJs under one roof again. CRAZY!

Happy birthday to lady V and all of my Taurus people. We may be stubborn but we are stay cool as a fan.

The following photos were taken by Shino Yanagawa.

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