Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tanya Morgan Album Release For Brooklynati

Tuesday night at the LES hot spot Sutra, the homies Tanya Morgan (We Be!) had their album release party. The good folks of Rare Form Promotions did an excellent job putting this event together. Normally when you go to Sutra you are treated to the musical treats of one DJ June followed by Tony Touch (and whoever else decides to fall through). I normally keep it upstairs but this week downstairs was where all the action was early on. All of the Tanya Morgan fans and supporters were downstairs getting it in. I ran into a couple of friends in the place both old and new. The alcohol was flowing and the music was right. I kept going in between upstairs with June and her 90s R&B set and the downstairs underground hip hop sound. Ran into my homeboy Kenshin (shouts to Rocksmith) randomly in the place to be. It was good seeing the boy.

As for the members of Tanya Morgan they were in good spirits. When I walked up to Sutra I saw them on the side with a camera in their faces being interviewed. Damn it feels good to see people up on it (c) Biz Markie. There were too many friends in there to name them all but it was a good to see you all. The lessondary was in full effect as well as my fellow Okayplayers in general. After reading a nice review on the boys in Time Out New York I expect great things from TM. Keep up the momentum guys.

Much respect to all of the work that went into releasing this album. This is clearly a labor of love for all involved. I haven't heard the full album yet but I'm gonna cop (I sill like physical cds). What I heard so far was a step up from the last album. Go cop that new Tanya Morgan album Brooklynati. It's available in stores and on iTunes. Now we just need to get them in some MG gear.

Check the pics below taken by yours truly to remember the occasion.

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