Friday, July 10, 2009

The BBQ to end all BBQs

The date was July 4th and the place to be was Brooklyn, NY. I woke up to see the sun shining bright and the sky as clear as the skin on a 1 year old. Today was the day that as a nation we celebrate the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air. Somewhere in planet Brooklyn Dj Spinna was preparing for his 9th annual Rebel Music Cookout BBQ.

This is a BBQ that's so crazy there's security at the front gate. We are not talking about a party in the Hamptons here, we were in Clinton Hill Brooklyn people. I arrived with my invited guests and our contributions to the event (water, chips, beer etc.). We had to wait a little bit for the music to get set up but once we heard that first song it was on like popcorn.

With DJ Spinna and Kim Lightfoot on the 1's and 2's we did it up real nice going through sets of soul, disco, house, raggae and hip hop. The man of the moment was of course the no longer living legend Michael Joe Jackson. We danced the day and night away to some great tunes in between throwing down some bbq chicken, rice and peas, mac and cheese you know the basics. I ate well and danced even more. This was the destination for all the beautiful people from the babies to the grown ups. There was plenty of water and food for everyone.

After the Spinna BBQ my boy Danny put me up on a rooftop party downtown BK that he was spinning at. It seemed to become the unofficial after party for the Spinna Event. The music was eh but the view was beautiful. Nice way to end the night especially when you are on your bike.

Thanks to Keita and Spinna and the whole Keistar family for putting together one hell of an event. Here's a few flicks from Shino Yanagawa to see what you missed.

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