Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Rainbow Flows in Brooklyn

Saturday was the grand opening of the Kuntaw Martial Arts school in Brooklyn. This is the first school in New York to offer Kuntaw to the masses. The turn out was really good and we did a nice demonstration of what Kuntaw is all about. All of the Kuntaw students (Kyuds) who were up for promotion got to be officially prsented with their new belts and certificates on this day. While we were in the school rain came pouring down. When it was time to leave I walked down Flatbush Ave. People were just staring up in the sky. I stopped at the corner and see a HUGE rainbow the likes of which I'd never seen in New York period. I've only seen a large rainbow when I traveled to Hawaii last year.

People were stopping in the middle of the street to take pictures. I heard comments like "It's Michael Jackson!" and "The Lord has spared this city again and provided a covenant!". It was a moment for sure. I hope you were able to see it to for a minute. It seemed to be a small miracle.

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