Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harvard Prof. Arresting Officer Refuses to Apologize

By now I'm sure (or I hope) you have heard about the Harvard Prof. who was arrested in his home under the idea that there a break in occurred. The Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. was locked out of his home and had to force his way inside. An onlooking neighbor saw Gates struggling to enter his home and mistook him for a burglar. We should all hope our neighbors would look out for us in the same way. Protect my assets PLEASE!

The trouble comes when the police arrived at the Professor's Boston residence. The arresting officer claims the Prof. refused initially to show identification when requested. He also states according to CNN that Gates exclaimed the ordeal was taking place because he was "A Blackman in America!". Gates would later be arrested and taken from his home under the charge of "loud and tumultuous behavior in a public space."

So now after all of the hoopla the charges by the police have been dropped, even President Obama weighed in on the situation. The officer who arrested Gates says he refuses to apologize for his actions. Am I surprised? No. The officer thinks he did the right arresting a man in his own home when no one has been harmed. *smh*

Stay classy Boston.

Read CNN for the full story on the refusal HERE

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  1. Fam, This does not surprise me at all. Boston law enforcement is, at the very least, 10 years behind New York when it comes to race relations. Even the scholar's can't get a break. When is enough going to be enough??