Monday, July 13, 2009

Sometimes Words Mess It Up.

I'm really in a 90s zone right now. This Saturday at Element (in the L.E.S.) DJ Spinna, DJ Scratch and DJ J.Rocc are putting on another one of my favorite parties. The Keistar Flavors party 90's edittion. I have one particular song at the moment that I have to hear. 

No you don't understand I have to hear this song. Right now I'm gonna play you a version of this song that's all scats. This is an example of when you don't need coherent words. Sometimes a rhythm and a great beat is all you need to go hard. I hope to see you at the spot on Saturday so we can boogie together. In the meantime where ever you are reading this just do a little boggie to yourself to this crazy record. 


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