Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Night On The Town for Forte' and Shan Boogie

Last week we did it up for my boy Shan Boogie at the local family bar Von's on Bleeker St. However before that I made a stop at SOBs to see my brother John Forte put it down. I walked into the spot with no problem (shouts to my boy Kozza). Once inside I saw Bizzare Royal on stage performing which let me know they were way behind schedule. I should have been walking in on a just starting Forte performance but there was another act to go still before he would take the stage. I was in for a treat because that next act Planet Ubiquity did the damn thing. If you get a chance I would recommend checking them out. Their style and sound is pretty dope plus they definitely had the crowd moving.

After that band rocked next up was my man John Forte'. While waiting for him to rock I ran into my brothers Blackman, El Divine and Ahsaan in the crowd. Before seeing them I was pretty much alone besides seeing my boy Jaleel from TV on the Radio. He told me that he too was heading over to celebrate Shan's birthday after the show.

Once Forte' got on he had the crowd in his hand. He did a bunch of new songs from his upcoming EP entitled "Style Free". He was at times joined on stage by his God brother Ben Taylor (who REALLY looks like his father James). Forte' isn't a "SANGER" singer but he can pull through some strong lyrics and a cool melody. I was just happy seeing an old friend free and doing what he loves after a hard lesson learned.

Following the show I rode with the boys over to pick up Shino and then on to Von's. Once inside I saw the homie Kareem and a couple of cats from work. Everyone was going downstairs to party for my boy Shan's birthday. On the lower level the vibe was extra cool. The music was blasting some vintage MJ with DJ Eli on the 1's and 2's and a gang of people on the dance floor. Lorraine and her crew were in the house plus I ran into Just, Tahleim and a gang of fam in general. I had such a good time but at 2 had to exit stage left. Work in the morning people...

Peep the photos by myself and Shino Yanagawa with my lil point shoot.

Planet Ubiquity
MG Fam all day
The Brothers Grimm feat. Black El Divine and Me
Anthony and Kos
Lorraine, Shino, Lisa & Yvette

The Birthday Boy, Just and Me

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