Friday, July 03, 2009

Di Fara The Best Pizza In Brooklyn

*Photos by Shino Yanagawa taken with an iPhone*

When I say the best I mean the best. This past Sunday I took to a bike ride with the lady Shino from Flatbush to Coney Island. Let me say that it broke my heart to see what has become of my beloved childhood playground. I have fond memories of traveling to Coney Island as a youngster and riding the motorcycle ride and really believing that my 7 year old self was pushing a motorcycle. That ride is no longer there, and instead is replaced by some wack low budget ride. The only consolation is that my house music heads still go there on the weekends to dance in the sun. (Although I prefer the boardwalk to the new location in the actual park.)

On the way back to Flatbush we rode down Ocean Pkwy and saw some absolutely beautiful homes. Brooklyn can truly be a sight to see.
We decided while at Coney Island to head down to this pizza place Shino has been raving about forever. Once we reached Ave. J and E.15th street I saw a very old Pizzeria. Once we walked in I saw two men working. One older man was making the pies and another gentleman was taking orders. There weren't many people inside and I was told that we were very lucky. There's normally a line around the block for these pies. You see, the old man who was making the pizza is the ONLY one who makes them here. He's been at this location for decades and takes his time. I watched him as he made pie after pie with fresh ingrediants like Buffalo Mozzerella and fresh crushed tomato sauce. After toping the pie off with olive oil it goes into one of the two ovens (which means only 4 pies can cook at a time). Because this place is so popular we wound up waiting an hour and a half for our pie with sun dried tomatoes. Once it was done I took the longest time to take the second bite of my first slice. It was simply too amazing to swallow (pause).

If you get a chance PLEASE check out Di Fara. It's worth the wait and money (slices are 4 bucks and a pie is about 20).


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  1. We seriously must go to this spot... I mean it!!!