Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dashaun Simmons, Big In Japan

Konichiwa, Boku wa Dashaun desu. Genki Desuka?

About a month ago I got asked by a writer friend of mine Keiko to be interviewed for one of Japan's premier magazines BMR (Black Music Review). The topic of discussion was hip hop and it's influence on advertising and marketing. So for the folks out in Japan on that respect the MotherGreen / Dashaunworld Inc. movement go pick up the July issue of BMR.

Thanks to Shino Yanagawa for the photo which was used in the article and Keiko Tsukada for writing it.


  1. I also agree. Look at you man! Congratulations, Dashaun! Is that the same picture of you in D.C. during the Inauguration?

  2. maiko7:22 PM

    You have such great friends. I love the pic as always!