Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Weekend Warrior pt.2

When we last left off there was a happening BBQ taking place in the LIC. The ladies were in full effect and the music was bumping. All was good as the sun began to set on a wonderful three day weekend. Then the owner of the apartment got...THE CALL.

The music was apparently too loud and we were being shut down. Now for me this was perfect timing as I was on my way to the Blue Note anyway. Shino and I learned earlier in the day that my favorite pianist and Chicagoan Ahmad Jamal was performing at 10:30. So when we were saying our premature goodbyes the party was being shut down. There of course was an after party created at a nearby neighbor's place but we were already off to the city.

This was my first time at the historic Jazz club the Blue Note. The show was to put it simply, absolutely amazing. We sat at the bar and were able to witness one of the modern legends in Jazz live. There was a mixed crowd of people there. Mr. Jamal looks very good for his age and can still tear those keys apart! Shino was crafty enough to sneak into his dressing room and snag a few pictures of him and a short conversation with the great pianist. I of course was quite jealous.

After the Blue Note show we made our way over to Sutra for DJ Scratch and DJ Evil Dee's birthday party. There was actually a long line to get inside the small space that is Sutra. One cat on the line with us was being SHUT DOWN by the manager of the space. Just because he came alone the guy would not let him in. This is a policy I've seen used before, and I hated it then as much as in this instance. This brother just wanted to have a good time and because he came solo he has to wait outside? He was eventially let in by the owner (solo guy was a DJ who actually used to WORK at Sutra!).

Once we got inside we saw it was a packed house filled with a WACK CROWD. Scratch was killing the tunes, but the crowd had a couple of what I call hood boogers and drunk goofballs. I had to let a guy know that Shino was not open for dancing with his drunk a$$. I felt compelled to leave this place even as our friends Rich and Kris walked in. I'd bitten off more than I could chew for this evening and it was time to call it a night.

The following day there was a calming picnic birthday celebration for my friend Jocelyn in Prospect Park. I went with Shino and my nephew Nasir for a fun filled day. We played steal the bacon, water baloon toss and other fun games. This was just what I needed to wind down before heading back to work. There was a gang of food and snacks and everyone left with a smile on their faces.

What a weekend.
Images from Dance Africa and Shan's BBQ Pt.1 2009 below are courtesy of Shino Yanagawa.

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