Tuesday, June 02, 2009

When We Were Children

I would wake up and watch all kinds of cartoons. I know you might be tired of me talking about Saturday morning cartoons but lets face it, I loved them. And guess what, you did too! I'm talking about the Smurfs, Kidd Video, Galaxy High etc. The recipe was Fruit Loops and hours of quality (mixed in with bad) cartoon programing.

Today's topic is CBS Storybreak.

This was a program that animated many children books. One that always stands out in my mind is "How to eat fried worms". This was a story about a lil kid who was getting punked by some of his friends. Using my memory he gained the upper hand by proposing a challenge to these friends to see who could eat the most fried worms. The worms were cooked a number of ways. I think it was this particular episode that made me a fan of the series. If you have children I highly recommend this book and follow it up with the cartoon if you can find it.

CBS Storybreak... a Saturday Morning Cartoon Legend.

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  1. Awwwww I loooooove anime!!!!!! I did too have a particular show every Sunday morning. Great memories ;)