Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rolling wit the lynch mob, down with the headbangers

Suspected rapist Jose Carrasquillo (if he didn't do it his name is mud) was caught up on the streets of Philly. Jose was suspected of raping an 11 year old girl on her way to school. Yet to be arrested, the people of Philly were apparently not pleased with his freedom. Started by a group of teenagers (like all things) a huge crowd put the hands of God on him.

I personally steer clear of angry mobs because I know how wild things can get. I believe we have a court of law for a reason (not just to railroad minorities and exonerate police officers). This man should stand trial for his alleged crime and be given the chance to be found guilty. What if it wasn't him? We've all watched enough Law and Order to know the suspect is hardly ever the first guy you think it is. You need at least ONE commercial break before the real suspect is introduced to you.

So read the story below and watch video footage of this man getting "washed" in the streets of Philly. I guess people can shoot each other all day with no collective outrage from the people, but if you put your hands on a child...

Street Justice

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