Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Let's Rock Em This Summer

(Photo by Shino Yanagawa)

I've had my bike for a over a year now and I love it. I rock gloves and a helmet and once I hit the street it's over. There's been a huge boom in cyclist culture within NYC in the past few years. More and more bike lanes are opening up and the actual street structures are changing. I applaud the efforts by the city to oblige the cyclists of this city.

However one of the major pulls for me to get on my bike is the freedom it affords me. There's nothing like starting out in the morning and instead of getting on the train you make that first stride on a bike. When you have music in your ears going and the sun hitting down on you as you attack the city to beat your previous time of getting to work, it feels great.

One thing I like to do is yield when I get to a red light then go through leaving the cars behind, and myself one step closer to my destination. However I read an article in a local paper stating that the cops are cracking down on people like me. Folks are actually getting tickets for riding through red lights. So to my riders please be careful and watch out. And to you new riders out there looking for a bike whether is be fixed gear or single gear(free) check out this site my brother Tahlif showed me. The prices are good and designs are pretty dope. Check out Republic Bikes .

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