Monday, June 22, 2009

Remember the 90s? Pt.1

Lately I've been rocking 90's hip hop albums to get me through the day. This morning I threw on the second Onyx album "All We Got Iz Us". This was the album to show some growth from the members Fredro Starr, Sonsee and Sticky Fingers (RIP Big DS). I still remember the feeling I had when this album originally dropped. I was in high school and dark production would get me geeked for the most part. This album is full of dark production but listening to the lyrics now you have to laugh. The content is SOO over the top though that it's ridiculous. There's a small skit where Fredro just chants "I'll murder you" over and over again. I guess this was the time but I can't stand all of their yelling for no good reason thought the album. It's just unnecessary. This was also a time when Onyx was a priority at their label Def Jam.

The singles on this album Last Dayz, Live, and All We Got Iz Us all still rock. The production was really REALLY good on this record as a whole and the features add to the albums polish. It's just weird after listening to the Tanya Morgan Brooklynati album cut "Hardcore Gentlemen" I can't take these dudes seriously. I'm kinda embarrassed that I didn't see the faux thug position of their music at the time. *smh* However I will say this, I did play the whole album through with no skipping. Well up to the next to last song at least. I didn't want to yell at my co-workers like Sticky Fingers so I threw on Casa Bey by Mos Def.

All in all I would say give it a listen, Purse Snatchers is still as good as you remember it...if you remember it at all.

Onyx - Last Dayz

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  1. "There's no sunshine in the city
    That's the way it's goin' down
    People killin', people dyin'
    Everytime I turn around
    There's no sunshine..."

    That hook still gets me everytime I listen to that song.

    I also think this album is much better than their debut in that the production was much more darker and coherent to the album's theme.

    In terms of the content of the album, you have to admit that Onyx was always a hardcore punk hip hop crew and they always had those interludes where they would just scream to the top of their lungs even on their first album. Remember "Da Mad Face Invasion"? They were one of the few hip hop crews to be able to crossover into the metal genre. So it fit with their image.