Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur. We Miss You!

Today is the birthday of the man I call my heart when it comes to hip hop.
"June 1 6 7 1, The DAY! Momma pushed me out her womb told me ni&&a get paid!" (c) 2Pac

Pac was taken from us at age 25 back in 1996. I miss the brother still. He was wild as all get out but his heart was golden. A complicated man who bore his soul for all to see. There will never be another like him as far as I can see. "East coast born but west coast raised" as he once put it Pac did some might say WAY TOO MUCH by age 25. However maybe he was just trying to fit in as much as he could for a life destined to be so short.

So lets take a look at the great work from this rapper/actor/poet. Today we celebrate the life of Pac.

2pac Tupac - So Many Tears

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  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    A close friend of his said once:

    "[Tupac was] the voice of our generation. I know why so many of you want to beleive he's still alive in this world. You're all hoping to hear from him agian. You will, in his music. But the truth is, he's in a better place, a place where he has found peace..."

    We still miss you Tupac...