Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Racism on Earth via Cybertron

Word on the street is the new Transformers is all blast and no brains (what a surprise). I have to admit I went into the first one thinking I would hate it and was wrong. Some of the fight scenes were down right outstanding. I did however have an issue with the Autobot Jazz. He was voiced by Darious McCrary and during his first apperance he cursed and did a break dance move. *blink* In my opinion this was unnecessary and a tad bit racist. AND he was the only Autobot to die!

So fast forward to 2009 and we have Transformers 2 on deck. Michael Bay has introduced two (imaginary) transformers who are twins. These "twins" talk with a black-cent and one has a damn gold tooth! I picked up the story from so you guys can go ahead and read up on it. As for me I'm keeping my 10 plus bucks in my pocket for Transformers 2. I'm good.

The Full Story w/ image

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