Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson, The Best To Ever Do It.

I miss him. I didn't know him but I miss him. I've had entertainers a musicians die and I knew there was an impact however this is different. My boy Keith called me because he knows that I love Michael Jackson. He told me he heard that Mike was rushed to a hospital and that he died. I got a lil mad and told him not to joke like that. I heard nothing up to that point. Our call got cut off and my phone wouldn't go to CNN no matter how much I tried. Then the text messages came pouring in.

Annie are you ok?

I think about the countless Prince vs. MJ parties I've closed down under the guidance of DJ Spinna. I learned so much more about my favorite musician/entertainer ever by going to those events. My boy Murph made me a personal mix of MJ Vs Prince and with him being a HUGE Prince fan he hit me with a couple MJ jewels. Mike has had a career spanning 40 years. Nobody did it like him and there will never be another. From the days with the Jackson 5 when they were the biggest thing on the planet to his solo domination of music he's always been a bright star. Through the legal battles and body changes I always loved his music. Nobody could get me on a dance floor faster than MJ. I remember being out in Vegas at Magic in the middle of a Triple 5 Soul party and Don't Stop Til You Get Enough came on. I was top of a fixture going for it man. Mike had a way of making you feel invincible while dancing to his music. The spins, the popping...

Thriller mania is something that I feel for those that missed it, you missed an essential part of American history. Thriller brought the country together under a love of that record. Everyone had a copy in the house. We had two in my household. I remember when my aunt got Thriller on Beta and we watched it. It was the most amazing thing ever to me. I was scared and excited at the same time. Hell I remember my best friend in elementary school telling me the video for "Can You Feel It" scared him lol. My sister's had MJ dolls (I wish I had one now). The posters were up everywhere. We all had a pair of penny loafers just like Mike.

I can be here all day writing about my childhood idol. I will miss him.

Oh and Yahoo is doing a run through of a bunch of his videos. Peep Game.

The Best To Ever Do It

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